DanceCircus, dance-theatre with a topical edge presents: “To Think of Time” a dance-theatre performance with Betty Salamun’s choreography illuminating Walt Whitman’ poetry to the sound score of Ted Brusubardis’ music and the late Jeff Poniewaz’s powerful voice.

In Sunny Side-Up, Salamun returns as the sun-goddess Sowilo – the ultimate source of time – on a freewheeling tour of sun mythology and science traveling straight through to science fiction. Solar facts and fiction are woven into the dazzling music of international composer Marjorie Rusche’s Eclipse.

Looking back in time to medieval philosophy, company member Michaele Chaigneau-Norton explores ‘ether,’ the quintessence or spirit essence, as the fifth element after earth, water, air, fire. Quintessence sets a quintet of dancers in patterns of shifting actions, which shape the individual through the interplay of all the moving parts.

Dates:  Saturdays March 25 and April 1, @ 7:30pm,
Sundays March 26, April 2 @ 3:30pm

Venue: Danceworks Studio Theatre
Address: 1661 N Water Street, Milwaukee

Tickets $16 general, $10 students, seniors, teachers, veterans/military, artists.

Danceworks Box Office
or call 414.277-8184.

Program information contact Pat at DanceCircus 414-277-8151 or