Contact us for more information about Arts @ Large, Artist Working in Education (AWE) or Youth Dance Company for information on bringing DanceCircus into your school in integrated Arts-Curriculum educational programs, eco-dance projects such as the National Water Dance Project, inspiring, energizing workshops for adults, seniors or families in your community agency or center.

In a dance residency, students learn to connect motions and emotions, words and actions to create dances of beauty and power. Residency concepts blend curriculum with DanceCircus performance concepts such as ecology and environment (science and geography), original stories and adapted folktales (literature and history), and using story circle to create life stories (social studies). Basic movements – jump, turn, travel, fall, roll, stop/balance and gesture – combined with paired efforts — fast/slow, powerful/delicate, free/rigid and focused/wandering – help students develop self-control and establish safe boundaries for the group.

In School Residency Programs students create dances and performance events as they explore the environment (how animals, birds and sea creatures move including life cycles, habitats, the food chain, pollution, etc.) and dance literacy (moving haiku poems, spelling lists, subject/content, etc) developing thier own expressive style.

Assessment and Teacher In-Service training. For schools, school districts, artists, teachers, parents, administrators, in practical ways to implement multiple intelligences.

An ARTIST-EDUCATOR, Betty Salamun brings 43 years of innovative outreach programs, nationally recognized community workshops and cross-curricular school residency programs to her work with students, people in the community and artists on stage. Betty’s work with elders was profiled by the National Service Corps. Her storycircles — moving stories to performance — wasa recognized in ac3=INFINITY, the nationally published user’s guide on arts in community service (1999). She has been honored as NON-FORMAL EDUCATOR of the YEAR by Wisconsin Environmental Educators Association (1993) and received a Choreographic Award, Wisconsin Arts Board (1990), a Poetry/Movement — Touring Award, New York State Council of the Arts (1987), and, Outstanding Contributions To Dance,  Wisconsin Dance Council (1987).