DanceCircus presents Eco-Arts Programs conducted by
Artistic Director Betty Salamun and Company artist-educators-
dancing the environment for over 40 years


Dancing the environment explores our moving connections to the earth, water, air. Artist-educator Betty Salamun uses environmental and dance curriculum with the students’ own experiences to create dances and programs about the world around us through creative problem solving.

General Dance Concepts

Creative dance has basic movement elements that each child learns at their age level as a way to creatively, confidently and individually express themselves.

In a DANCE residency students:

  • Learn the 7 Basic Movements (fall, jump, turn, travel, roll, shapes and balance/stop),
  • Explore 8 dynamic efforts (fast/slow, powerful/delicate, direct/wandering, rigid/loose),
  • Combine movement and dynamic efforts (jump slowly) for physical development.

In an ECO-DANCE residency students:

  • Learn the how the 7 Basic Movements are like forces in the natural world,
  • Explore the 8 dynamic efforts in the actions of land, air and sea creatures, plants, seasons, weather even pollution,
  • Combine movement and dynamic efforts to understand ecological and scientific concepts – water-cycle, movements of land, sea and winds, properties of gravity and buoyancy, and more.