Hello Friends!

Thank you for your support of DanceCircus’ multi-media dance-theatre performances,

thank you for jumping into SPLASH DANCE—freshwater flash dances,

thank you for giving voice to diverse people in community dance projects, and

thank you for making eco-dance youth residencies possible.

The DanceCircus circle of influence includes you – audience members, flash dancers, youth choreographers, or eco-concerned performers. You are invited to be part of our circle of influence – nurturing arts education, highlighting stories of people in community, and, engaging all ages in local issues that are “life changing.”

Last year, 9000 people like you—all ages and across neighborhoods—drew “inspiration” from DanceCircus programs:

  • you found “real life connections” in dances exploring topical issues,
  • you made it possible for youth, seniors and differently-abled people in eco-dance workshops to “see, hear…and discuss” their nature roots and star-filled dreams,
  • you moved the world sharing the “essence” of living, laughing and loving on planet earth, and
  • you jumped into SPLASH DANC-ing and the “push…and…pull” of local water concerns.

DanceCircus programs circle back to the common center,

to the artists, dancers and artist-educators, who create, perform, teach and connect to community programs serving all ages, in all neighborhoods, and

to you, who create support for DanceCircus programs through purchasing performance tickets, joining freshwater flash dances and generously contributing to programs.

Please consider donating to our Paypal to keep our mission true.

Thank you,


Betty Salamun

Artistic Director