2012 Kosciuszko Montessori School Arts @ Large residency with K-3 to 5th grades

Students explored the 7 Basic Movements (jump, turn, fall, roll, balance, travel, gesture): upper primary students worked with haiku poetry; lower primary used weather systems to create dances; K-3 to K-5 learn the differences between frog jumps (big push with the legs, then land and balance) and rabbit jumps (reach hands out, jump feet in) as well as how plants grow, seeds fall and snow melts in story dances; and, a special needs class explored the world around us. Two performances showcased student dancers. (April-May, 2012).

Woodlands Elementary School Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s A.C.E. Program with 6th graders

Artistic Director Betty Salamun annually works with Woodlands middle school students in eco-arts residencies. Retiring science teacher Carol Double suggested a dance linking the school’s Adopt-A-Beach program and illustrating the beauty of Lake Michigan. In 2013, 15 boys and girls learned a section of Betty’s dance “What I know about Lake Michigan” (from Wade in the Water: The 70% Solution concert) about the origins of Lake Michigan (glaciers) and how the currents in the Lake keep a drop of water in the Lake for about 99 years. “What I know about Lake Michigan” was performed at the last all school assembly on May 21, and dedicated to Carol Double. (April-May, 2012).